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  • 5 Things We Did To Help Relieve Our Child's Eczema

    5 Things We Did To Help Relieve Our Child's Eczema

    Eczema friendly pajamas: a great choice A big factor in deciding to create Lilala KIDS organic sleepwear was the fact our youngest daughter, Pilar, suffered from eczema when she was a baby through to toddlerhood. Still today (she is now 6), she will get the occasional outbreak, particularly behind the knees and on the back of her neck, but nowhere near the severity that she once used to. I often get emails from people looking for an eczema friendly pajamas for their kids or grandchildren. I can feel their pain so I wanted to post the "top 5 things we did to help our daughter...

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  • The Chemicals In Our Lives. The Shocking Truth

    The Chemicals In Our Lives. The Shocking Truth

    When we are aware, there are chemicals all around us every day. Recently we had a customer visit us from rural Western Australia looking for fire-retardant free pajamas for her three boys after watching a program on television about the overexposure to chemicals we endure every day of our lives. In some countries, it is the law to douse kids sleepwear (and matresses) in chemicals or they are made with fabrics that have been woven from chemically treated fibres (or they are skin-tight or "snug fit"). This is due to the understanding that if kids sleepwear is exposure to open flames such as...

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  • What Is The Price of Quality?

    What Is The Price of Quality?

    While the world is currently talking about the plastic pollution problem, it won't be long until people are talking about the terrible effects of "fast cheap fashion"? Over the weekend, as many people do, I was looking over my Facebook page and was shown an advertisement for a company selling clothing and accessories from as little as 4€ a piece. The items looked nice enough: jackets, jeans, dresses, shoes etc. As someone who has an understanding of the cost of manufacturing, I was tempted to check the site out. This site will remain unnamed. The first thing I searched was kids clothing. Thousands of items showed up...

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  • How Our Ethical Kids Brand Was Born. Portuguese Expat

    How Our Ethical Kids Brand Was Born. Portuguese Expat

    "Are you crazy? You don't speak Portuguese!" This is what my brother said to me when I told him I was starting this company...  You have found your way here because you have an interest in kids sleepwear. Perhaps you are a parent, a grandparent or someone who owns a shop. I started Lilala KIDS after moving to Portugal from Australia a few years back. No longer could I buy my favorite brand of pajamas, the ones I tried on my youngest daughter who suffered from eczema at the time. So I started to buy what was available to me, cheap,...

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  • Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy Snacks

    Getting Your Kids To Eat Healthy Snacks

    How do we get our children to eat healthier and still enjoy mealtime? This is a question that parents have been asking for decades and it seems that sometimes, there is no right or wrong answer. One nutritionist says less sugar and more protein, another says low carbs is the way to go. I say, give them what they like and make sure they have a wide range of healthy options available to them. If all you have in the pantry is candy and snack cakes, that is all they will eat. Stocking your pantry and refrigerator with healthy foods...

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  • What Is So Special About Peruvian Pima Cotton?

    What Is So Special About Peruvian Pima Cotton?

    Peruvian Pima Cotton: The Queen of all cottons When we were researching an ideal fabric to make our kids pajamas with, we knew two things... it had to be soft and it had to be organic. We already loved organic cotton as it is what we preferred for our own kids, especially our youngest, Pilar, who suffers from eczema. We knew we also wanted a quality fabric because another thing we love is a great sibling hand down. So many times we have purchased "cheap" clothing for our girls, only to have them fall apart within a couple of months. So disappointing...

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