What Is So Special About Peruvian Pima Cotton?

What Is So Special About Peruvian Pima Cotton?

Peruvian Pima Cotton: The Queen of all cottons

When we were researching an ideal fabric to make our kids pajamas with, we knew two things... it had to be soft and it had to be organic. We already loved organic cotton as it is what we preferred for our own kids, especially our youngest, Pilar, who suffers from eczema.

We knew we also wanted a quality fabric because another thing we love is a great sibling hand down. So many times we have purchased "cheap" clothing for our girls, only to have them fall apart within a couple of months. So disappointing and such a waste of money.

Our research leads us to Pima cotton, and with a little more digging, pure organic Peruvian Pima cotton. We absolutely love the idea that this cotton is still hand-picked so it does not get damaged or get spoiled by chemical or pollutive toxins conventional harvesting techniques (i.e. machinery) can leave behind. This is a traditional practice that dates back over 4500 years and little has changed in their technique. Just imagine that… fields of cotton plants with people picking the buds so delicately as opposed to huge machinery trucks ripping plants apart as they drive across fields. I know which one I’d prefer to support.

Cotton picking brings many Peruvian villages and its people much needed work and financial support. Our fabrics are all Fair Trade certified so we can rest assured the people are getting fair pay for a fair day's work.

Although the cotton is picked in such traditional methods, it is processed and spun into a cotton thread in factories with state of the art facilities. Our fabric manufacturer is GOTS certified which again was an important part of our search.

So when quality counts, consider Peruvian Pima cotton as the queen of all cottons. Once touched, you will surely appreciate what an amazing fabric it is.


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