The Chemicals In Our Lives. The Shocking Truth

The Chemicals In Our Lives. The Shocking Truth

When we are aware, there are chemicals all around us every day.

Recently we had a customer visit us from rural Western Australia looking for fire-retardant free pajamas for her three boys after watching a program on television about the overexposure to chemicals we endure every day of our lives. In some countries, it is the law to douse kids sleepwear (and matresses) in chemicals or they are made with fabrics that have been woven from chemically treated fibres (or they are skin-tight or "snug fit"). This is due to the understanding that if kids sleepwear is exposure to open flames such as candles or fire places they could catch fire. Now I understand we need to keep our kids safe, but in our house, our fireplace has a closed-door on it and we don't use candles so personally, I would like the choice to purchase chemical-free sleepwear for my kids if I could.

Here in the EU, the law states that if our sleepwear is not treated with chemicals it must be labelled with KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE - usually a warning to be afraid of, but in fact, something that can be read positively if you prefer chemical-free or organic sleepwear for your kids. Understanding this label will help parents make informed decisions about what they dress their children in.

The other good news is we can deliver worldwide so if you live in a country that has stricter laws but you prefer organic chemical-free jammies for your kids, Lilala KIDS can help. Shop our range of fire retardant free kids sleepwear here.

If you have time, below is the YouTube version of the program aired in Australia. It will make you think a lot about the way we live our lives.

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