5 All Natural Ways To Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

5 All Natural Ways To Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

At Lilala KIDS, we sell some of the world’s finest organic cotton pajamas available, designed to help your children get a good night’s sleep while giving you peace of mind knowing that they are not wearing chemical-laden fabrics that could be harmful to their health.

You can provide your children with organic cotton sleepwear and ultra-soft, plush bedding that will keep them comfortable, but what if they have a hard time getting to sleep in the first place? 

How do you get your children to sleep when it’s way past bedtime and they don’t seem to be tired? We have put together a handy guide that will help you get your children to sleep sooner and with much better results while taking an all-natural approach. Read along and give these tips a try tonight.

First, set a rule of no video games or devices at least one hour before bedtime. Studies have shown that children who play on screens showed significant sleep disruption. 

Try switching up their diet. Foods that contain a high amount of artificial and natural sugars can keep children awake longer. Choose foods that are high in protein and carbs since these foods will aid in your child’s sleep. These foods include oatmeal, yoghurt, cheese and eggs. A good tip is to provide your children with an “upside-down day” where you serve breakfast foods for dinner.

Keep all electrical appliances including mobile phones, alarm clocks and baby monitors at least three feet away from your children’s beds. The electrical fields given off by these devices disrupt their melatonin secretion making it difficult for them to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night.

Be sure to turn off any unnecessary lights. Light pollution can disrupt a child’s hormone regulation and even affect their immune system function. Blackout curtain or shades can help keep their rooms dark and calming at night and block out much of the morning sun ensuring they get the proper amount of quality sleep.

Finally, make bedtime special for your children; get everyone together for a bedtime story and give the children turns reading to each other. This will not only help calm them down and prepare them for sleep, it will also help them become better readers and better students in school.

Some comfy organic cotton pajamas such as our Robots Are Friends or Princess & Her Flying Dragon designs and these handy tips are all you need to help your children get a good night’s sleep and get them ready for the next day ahead of them.

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