5 Things We Did To Help Relieve Our Child's Eczema

5 Things We Did To Help Relieve Our Child's Eczema

Eczema friendly pajamas: a great choice

A big factor in deciding to create Lilala KIDS organic sleepwear was the fact our youngest daughter, Pilar, suffered from eczema when she was a baby through to toddlerhood. Still today (she is now 6), she will get the occasional outbreak, particularly behind the knees and on the back of her neck, but nowhere near the severity that she once used to.

I often get emails from people looking for an eczema friendly pajamas for their kids or grandchildren. I can feel their pain so I wanted to post the "top 5 things we did to help our daughter with her eczema". Really simple things that worked for us. They are:

1. We only gave her a bath every 3 to 4 days in lukewarm water. Water, especially hot water, can be very drying to the skin and often bathing every day is not necessary. Of course, she would have her hands and face washed well every day, but bath time was limited to only when it was really necessary. 

2. Moisturise, moisturize, moisturize... we kept her skin hydrated which helped her outbreaks. Back when we lived in Australia, our preferred brand was MooGoo which is made from cows milk. We used their creams plus products for the bath (shampoo etc). This company has grown a lot and its website details stockists all over the world now or ordering online. (Please note, we received no money for this endorsement.)

3. Underdressed her. So often it is easy to overdress our kids but I learned to listen to her instead of presuming she was cold. Once she was talking, she would tell me that she was cold and only then would I put a "light" layer on her. Now that she is at school, I have told her teachers not to put her coat or jumper on unless she says she is cold. They are very good at overdressing kids here in Portugal.

4. Cut all the tags off her clothing. Tags would rub her skin and make her feel uncomfortable and once she started scratching, she would not stop. This is a factor we took into consideration with the design of our kid's pajamas. We have no neck tags and no embroidery (which often has a lining attached to the inside of the garment that can also cause irritation).

5. Dressed her in natural fibers such as cotton as much as possible. Organic if we could as even regular cotton is treated with so many pesticides and chemical dyes that would irritate her skin. And we did not like the idea of these treated fabrics against her skin. This is another reason we created Lilala KIDS. 100% organic, natural dyes, and the softest cotton in the world. We know organic clothing is more expensive so would encourage that if you can only afford one item of organic clothing in your child's wardrobe, make it their PJs, the most worn item I am sure (10 hours a day, 7 days a week = 70 hours a week).

Of course, there were times when we had to use cortisone creams and wrap her hands, etc, but just these little things certainly helped her discomfort. None of them are cures, but every little bit helps.

Here is a photo of Pilar now... enjoying a scratch-free (mostly) life :)

Enjoy our range of eczema friendly pajamas for kids, designed with comfort and kindness in mind.


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