What Is The Price of Quality?

What Is The Price of Quality?

While the world is currently talking about the plastic pollution problem, it won't be long until people are talking about the terrible effects of "fast cheap fashion"?

Over the weekend, as many people do, I was looking over my Facebook page and was shown an advertisement for a company selling clothing and accessories from as little as 4€ a piece. The items looked nice enough: jackets, jeans, dresses, shoes etc. As someone who has an understanding of the cost of manufacturing, I was tempted to check the site out. This site will remain unnamed.

The first thing I searched was kids clothing. Thousands of items showed up but one particular outfit stood out. A dress and jacket combination with matching belt. It did look really cute and was only 13€ plus 5€ shipping to Europe. How can they do this? I asked myself.

I scrolled down the page to see a staggering 283 reviews about this particular item. I started reading and 4 in 5 reviews commented on how bad the quality was. "The fabric feels flimsy", "The belt broke the first day", "The stitching feel apart", "Looks better in the picture!"... all these negative comments. I asked myself, what do people expect when they paid such a small amount of money which includes shipping from China? A high-quality garment made to last? Amazing fabric? Double-stitched seams? What is the price of quality?

And then the item gets thrown away... 

Having two girls two years apart in age, one of the things I love the most is a great garment hand-down. An item of clothing that has lasted the rumble and tumble of many days of wear by daughter number one, to then see the rumble and tumble of daughter number two. That is why quality is so important to us here Lilala KIDS and what we strive for in each and every garment we make.

That is why paying for quality, can often be cheaper than buying a bargain.

In a world where it has now almost become acceptable to buy something that soon falls apart, our kids organic pajamas are of high-quality fabrics, with dyes that don't fade and double stitching so they stand the test of time.

I remember once watching a documentary about where clothes go that are placed in the collection bins for charity. The clothes are sorted and anything that is in good enough condition gets sold by the charity to underdeveloped countries where resellers take on the garments to sell themselves. I remember seeing people claiming high designer brand clothing such as Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith and wearing these items with such pride... Garments that have seen another life due to their high-quality manufacturing. I wonder if that little girl's dress, jacket and belt set will ever make it that far? We are sure our pajamas will :)


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