Our story: Why Pima Cotton Pajamas for Kids

Kids pajamas made from the finest cotton in the world

My name is Astrid Fernandes, an Australian mother of two who took the plunge and relocated to Portugal a few years back. It is here I created Lilala after the desire to have the purest organic cotton sleepwear for my own children. I wanted a range of kids sleepwear that was chemical free and truly soft to touch but my discovery of organic Peruvian pima cotton, the finest cotton in the world, took my creations even one step further.

There is certainly something "feel good" knowing that Peruvian pima cotton is GMO free and picked by hand. Peru is the only country in the world where the picking of cotton is still done by hand, a tradition that dates back over 4000 years. This proud practice of hand picking ensures there is no injury or damage to the fibre and therefore no chemicals are needed to open the cotton plant. The cotton is strong yet very soft and lustrous and will get even softer with every wash. 

But it is what we leave off our designs at Lilala that make them so much more comfortable - no neck tags to scratch, no zippers or buttons to come undone or tangle with hair, no drawstrings that make night time visits to the bathroom difficult and no fasting clips - plus, by only using natural organic fibres that breath with your child's skin, will ensure a great nights sleep.

"We believe that because pajamas are likely the most worn item of clothing in any child's wardrobe (roughly 10 hours a day, 7 days a week = 70 hours per week), an investment in a high quality, healthier organic garment is of highest importance. Lilala pajamas are made to last and likely to see through child one, two or more in great condition."

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Astrid Fernandes of Lilala KIDS